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Gear Up for Heated Debates: Grab Your Exclusive Free Interactive Conversation Strategy Worksheet Now!

I’ve noticed that our extremely polarized world has left a gap where passionate progressives desperately want to engage in discourse, yet communication often breaks down when we see ourselves as engaging with people making morally inferior arguments or when people are making illogical fallacies or acting in bad faith. It is really important to still engage with these people for a variety of reasons that I will be getting into in a follow up blog post but for now this led me to see a crucial need for a shift in how progressives articulate and defend our values.

This realization led me to create a worksheet to help prepare your thoughts ahead of time when you know you will be engaging in a potentially adversarial conversation. The core of this tool lies in its systematic approach, guiding you away from pathos-driven responses, often used against us as ‘irrationality’, towards a more logos and ethos centered dialogue. It's designed to help progressives methodically understand our policy positions and anticipate opposing arguments, enabling us to engage in the conversations we are about to have with a clear, objective head. 

This is the first of a two-part series designed to re-think the way we engage in progressive dialogues. I'm excited to present the first installment: a dynamic ‘Conversation Preparation Worksheet’, ready for you to download and use right away. Stay tuned for the upcoming post, where I'll get into the story behind this worksheet. I'll detail the factors that led to its creation, offering you a deeper understanding of its purpose and potential. This 'behind-the-scenes' glimpse will provide you with valuable context and inspiration for your progressive conversations. So, while you begin to experience the benefits of this worksheet, possibly with your asshole family members on Christmas, remember that there's more to come – an in-depth look at the 'why' and 'how' of effective communication for socially conscious individuals. 

Free PDF Download:

Orange & Beige Aesthetic Gratitude Reflection Worksheet
Download PDF • 223KB


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